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 A Guide To The Juggalos' Favored Words

 The group's biggest fans, the juggalos, are one among the very devoted and interconnected musical subcultures in America and yet the world.

But if you are only finding your intense love for Insane Clown  roulette-sniper  you also want to eventually become a juggalo, it could be just a little overwhelming at first. The juggalos have their particular style of dress, greetings, and slang that can be hard to understand.

Not a problem, though, in case  bitcoin wealth alliance  to be a juggalo, your true love of Insane Clown Posse and the other acts to the group's label, Psychopathic Records, will take you far. But here's an instant guide to the juggalos' primary slang words:

Clown love: If you're  swipe vault buy  have clown love, it means you understand the group and its devotees, and you also are down with the juggalos. It is additionally employed as a sign off on Internet posts.

Dark Carnival: The Dark Carnival identifies a mythology developed  no cost income stream buy  Clown Posse across a group of six important albums, now being continued in a new chain of albums at the same time. It's referred to as a kind of purgatory as forms where evil souls go for various carnival-themed  penny stock prophet buy  torments.

Down together with the clown: Being down together with the clown is being a juggalo, or at least being sympathetic to the juggalos. It's similar to having clown love.

Family: If a person is "family," and this is being said  roulette assault  juggalo, that means the person can be a juggalo. This word is also a favorite chant at Insane Clown Posse occasions.

Faygo: An American brand of pop popular with the band and the juggalos, and frequently found in Insane Clown  blackjack sniper download  shows.

Hatchetman: Typically the most popular Insane Clown Posse emblem. Like the name indicates, it's a cartoon figure of a guy carrying a hatchet.

Homies: Your pals, the juggalos in general.

Juggalette: The female version of a juggalo.

MCL: An abbreviation for "much  linked influence review  generally used on the web.

Ninja: A pal, synonymous with among your homies.

Richy: The juggalos accept anyone of any background, but what they don't accept is someone who thinks he or even she is better than others. A richy is  tips on playing roulette  -- a rich person who looks down on those with less cash.

Scrub: Someone with less money or an outcast. Scrub does not have a negative connotation, however -- scrubs are definitely accepted by the juggalos!

Whoop Whoop: A popular greeting, chant, and all around manifestation of