Advantages and Disadvantages to IPL Laser Hair Removal

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Advantages and Disadvantages to IPL Laser Hair Removal

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Adding Sides To Soup

CRACKERS.--Various kinds of wafers and crackers are available to serve with soup, and the selection, plus the helping of them, is entirely a question of individual taste. One point, on the other hand, that should not be overlooked is that crackers of any type should be crispy so that you can be appetizing. Dry foods of this kind absorb moisture in the air when they have been exposed to it and therefore become tough. As heat drives off this moisture and restores the original crispness, crackers must always be heated before they are served. Their flavor could be enhanced by toasting them until they are light brown in color.

CROUTONS.--As has already been discovered, croutons are little pieces of bread that have been fried or toasted to serve with soup. All these are usually made in the form of cubes, or dice, as is shown in the front group in Fig. 10; but they may be cut into triangles, circles, ovals, hearts, or, in fact, any elaborate contour, by means of little cutters which can be purchased for such functions. The bread used for croutons shouldn't be fresh bread, as such bread will not toast nor fry very well; left over toast, stale bread, or pieces of bread which have been cut from the loaf of bread and never eaten are usually found more acceptable. In the event the croutons are not made from slices already cut, the bread ought to be cut into pieces 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick, and, after the crusts have been closely trimmed, the pieces should be cut into blocks. When the blocks have been obtained, they could be placed into a  names of bees with pictures  and toasted on all sides fast, put in a frying basket and browned in deep fat, or put right into a frying pan and sauted in butter. If toast can be used, it should just be cut in the desired contour.

BREAD STICKS.--A soup accompaniment similar in nature to croutons, and known as bread sticks, is made of pieces of bread 1/2 inch wide, 1/2 inch thick, and several inches long. Assortment in bread sticks could be secured by spreading butter over them before the toasting is started or by sprinkling grated cheese over them a short while before they're taken out of the oven. Bread sticks are usually served on a bread-and-butter plate to the left of each individual's place at the table.

Various methods of serving croutons are in practice. Some housewives prefer to place those in the soup tureen and pour the soup over them, while others like to set a few in each individual portion of soup. A better plan, nonetheless, and one which is substantially followed, will be to serve a handful of croutons on a small plate or dish at each individual's place, as revealed in Figs. 3 and 4, for then every one may eat those in the manner preferred.

PASTRY STRIPS.--A really appetizing addition to soup may be made by cutting pastry into narrow strips and then baking these strips in the oven until they are brown or frying them in deep fat and emptying them. Strips prepared in this manner could be served in place of crackers, croutons, or bread sticks, and therefore are considered delightful by people who are fond of pastry. Details regarding pastry are given in a different