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[OpenNI-dev] klirc - Kinect UDP LIRC Client

Late night coder

  Time for the Linux media people to have their Kinect fun :)  Please
meet "klirc";


  The klirc program was authored to provide a gesture-to-lirc
interface for the Kinect, under Linux. It will work with any LIRC
interfacing program (such as XBMC, mplayer, etc), but has been built/
tested for MythTV.

  The user interface controls have been mapped identically to the
recently released "KinEmote" (of which I am not affiliated).  I will
publish an instruction/user guide for klirc, but for now the KinEmote
guide is just as useful;


  In summary, the awake gesture is a "front-back" motion toward the
Kinect with an open hand (palm facing the Kinect).  Where the hand
comes "back" to, in space, becomes the centre of the mid plane.

    Front Plane:
                  Centre:  Enter

    Mid Plane:
                  Left:    Left
                  Right:   Right
                  Up:      Up
                  Down:    Down

    Back Plane:
                  Left:    Escape
                  Right:   Pause/Play (P)
                  Up:      Menu (M)
                  Down:    [Ignore]

  The klirc program reads from a configuration file, and has been
written to generate the two LIRC configuration files that the user
will require;

  To generate the needed lircd.conf from this configuration, run;
     ./klirc -l > /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

  To generate a mythtv LIRC RC file, run;
     ./klirc -m > ~/.lirc/mythtv

  To run lircd as a UDP listener;
     lircd --driver udp

  To run klirc with a local configuration file (i.e. in the pwd), run;

  The klirc program can run on either the MythTV Frontend or on a
separate host.  If klirc isn't running on the MythTV Frontend server,
then change the lirc_server entry in the klirc.cfg configuration file

  Additional details on building and running the program can be found
in the README in the tar-ball.


... am looking forward to playing with the Kinect in autonomous

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