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We spent some time to refactorize some simple PointCloud2 viewers. The reference tutorial is in the trunk of
pcl_perception_addons/pcl_tutorials/pointcloud_online_viewer. It reads in data from a ROS topic and it displays it on
screen. You can use the 1-9 keys to change between different outputs, kudos to the PCLVisualizer style, you can focus
and fly to a point (f) and then rotate around it, use +/- to change the point size, etc. It should basically do almost
everything the fully fledged pcd_viewer tool does (http://www.ros.org/wiki/pcl_visualization)

You can try to launch it with a Kinect sensor as follows:

$ roslaunch openni_camera openni_kinect.launch
$ rosrun pcl_tutorials pointcloud_online_viewer input:=/camera/depth/points2

I added a simplified version of the tutorial in the trunk of the NI stack (in the openni_pcl) package -- which btw, has
the nodelet support fixed (it was previously broken in the Kinect stack - thanks to Dejan for noticing that). Just git
pull from our github repo, make/rosmake, and run:

$ roslaunch openni_camera openni_kinect.launch
$ roslaunch openni_pcl viewer.launch

If you want to play with the nodelets, do:

$ roslaunch openni_camera openni_kinect_nodelet.launch
$ roslaunch openni_pcl voxelgrid.launch
$ rosrun openni_pcl openni_viewer ~input:=/camera/depth/points2_grid

I'll put some screenshots/tutorials later on how to run things. In the meantime, _any_ (constructive) feedback would be
great! :)

The advantage of using the pcl_visualization library is that it's based on VTK (http://vtk.org - a great visualization
library! from the same people that brought us CMake), it's a library :)... which means you can add
PointCloud2/pcl::PointCloud visualizers to your code in the same way you add OpenCV HighGUI image displays, and it needs
no other dependencies - which keeps it rather small and easy to run.


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